Welcome to The Bible Philes. Within these posts, I trust you will find encouragement, excitement, enlightenment, and the challenge to dig deeper into the wonder that is the Bible.

I am a believer, raised in the Christian faith and an experienced swimmer in many of its streams. I became a bona fide Biblephile, a lover of the Holy Writ, in my early teens and have been a serious student of Scripture ever since. On its pages are detailed the depths of God’s love, the wonders of creation, the harsh realities of fallen humanity in a broken world, and the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Lessons of the past, principles for the present, and prophecies of the future reside within the pages of this Book authored from outside our space-time continuum.

I am past the half-century mark of my pilgrimage on earth and am rearing a family with the wife of my youth. I’ve worked as an entertainer, window cleaner, painter, cook, carpenter, office cubicle installer, recycling plant operator, and business manager. And I’ve been a preacher for thirty-five years.

I invite you to journey with me into the fascinating corridors of God’s supernatural communication to man: the Holy Bible.

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